Hoogland Farm

Hoogland Farm is located in Vivo in the Soutpansberg Mountain which has a fantastic nature and a rich wildlife. Unzwa Safaris (PTY) ltd is the owner and use the property for Safari Operations and farming. Most of Unzwa’s safari clients comes from Scandinavia. Read more here www.unzwa.com

Unzwa Safaris

Our main lodge has 12 guest rooms / chalets and there is also a bush camp which can be used. For more information and location click here ……….

Farm Products

At the farm we are planting various vegetables and other crops. Our water supply comes from natural fountain water in the mountains and our products are of top quality. We sell the products both to the local market and through market agens.

Game Meat Products

As Unzwa Safaris are in possession of all necessary licenses to operate as a hunting outfitter we make sure to use everything coming in a sustainable way. We make high quality biltong and other processed meat. We use 100% lean meat and don’t add any preservatives.